Poems and songs

Poems and songs by Dave Clinch and others:


 A Rabbit in the Headlights: A poem written after late night drive home from a music session. I had been listening to Richard Thompson on BBC Radio 4 Mastertapes explaining how he went about writing songs. I was inspired and wrote this song when I arrived home.

A Warning from History: From Gestapo photographs, Wurzburg: Ilse Sonja Totzke, born 1913. A poem by Dave Clinch

Caught in the Crossfire: Inspired by Robert Fisk’s article in the Independent Sat 2 October 2000 following the death of Mohammed al-Durah on 30 September 2000. A poem by Dave Clinch.

Come On In: a poem by Dave Clinch

Exam Time: For the girl who struggled. A poem by Dave Clinch.

It's the One in the Suit Who's Firing The Gun: a reflection on the death of Dr. David Kelly. A poem by Dave Clinch.

Miep - A Woman of Courage: a poem by Dave Clinch.

The Beggar: song lyric by Dave Clinch

The Struggle for Children’s Education in Palestine: Report on a visit to the West Bank, by Dave Clinch.